Among the CSR activities, Smart Travel Mothers’ Welfare Scheme is the most popular, whereby regular salary is given to mothers of staff members, and employees can avail loans to cover medical bills of their mothers and to arrange weddings of their loved ones.

Similarly, deserving employees are given funds to avail training to hone their skills to boost their career choices.

While the company played a crucial role helping families when the South Indian State of Kerala was devastated by floods, its founder Mr Afi Ahmed represented expatriates in the court of law in the state during the unprecedented pandemic to relax travel restrictions.
Smart Travel took the lead and helped reunite numerous stranded children with their families in the UAE. The company chartered 36 flights to help expatriates return to their home country during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Smart Travel chartered 9 flights on a single day, just hours before travel restrictions came into effect amid Covid-19, enabling several expatriates to change their current visit visa to a new one. The company donated 1300 tickets at Dh930 each to the needy, too.

Smart Travel became the voice of the expatriates, relentlessly communicating with the Indian Aviation Ministry, the Prime Minister’s Office, and with the Kerala Chief Minister to ensure the repatriation flight rate was no more than Dh750.